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The strength of the counselor-client relationship is one of the most effective tools in individual counseling. As a counselor, I offer encouragement, comfort, challenge, and insight in identifying blind spots. We can draw from many counseling techniques and therapeutic interventions, yet how comfortable you are with your counselor is a key to a positive and productive experience. If you are interested in finding out more, please call or email me. We can discuss whether I am a good fit for your needs. If not, I am pleased to assist you in finding a counselor who can help.

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Most couples do not get married to be miserable. You may be in a new relationship that is struggling to move forward. You may be in a stable relationship working to become closer. You may be in a struggling relationship stung by the pain of infidelity or pornography. Hope is available through hope-focused counseling. It is a difficult process that often bears fruit for all working through it.

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Christian counseling is an essential, empowering, and empathic relationship. It includes you as the student, God's Word as the counseling authority, your relationship with Jesus Christ as the healer, the power of the Holy Spirit, and your Christian counselor as a guide. We seek God's presence, power, and direction in the counseling relationship. The goal is to experience restoration, recovery, and refreshment physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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EMDR offers new hope. EMDR stands for Eye-movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Clients who have suffered for years from anxiety, worry, distressing memories, nightmares, insomnia, abuse or other traumatic events can gain relief from EMDR therapy. EMDR is a powerful short-term therapy that is rapid, safe, and effective.

Research shows EMDR is highly effective for a wide range of problems including phobias, depression, panic attacks, eating disorders, poor self-esteem, stress, worry, performance anxiety, and recovery from sexual, physical, or emotional abuse.

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Experiencing losses is inevitable. It usually begins at birth when we leave the comfort of our mother's womb. Throughout life's journey, we may experience up to 43 types of losses. Each loss causes a wide range of feelings called grief.

Grief is the natural response to significant loss of any kind. The range of emotions accompanying grief are unique to each person. Grief is individual and unique.

The problem in grieving is that information is passed onto us about the loss. This information is not helpful. Grief is an emotional response to loss but the information is intellectual. Receiving only intellectual information is receiving ineffective coping skills. It is like trying to paint a room with a hammer--it just does not work and it is frustrating and messy.

In grief-recovery counseling, I assist you in several effective ways. I help you discover 6 myths or incorrect ideas about coping with loss. I assist you in completing the pain caused by the accumulation of loses in your life, so you can be in a position to move on. It is imperative that I help you take a series of of actions before you move on.

If you are struggling with getting past the loss of a relationship altered by death, divorce, separation, rejection, abandonment, or for other reasons, call me and I will assist you in taking steps to help you learn how to move beyond grief to a more peaceful quality of life.

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This ADEP educational program is offered in individual sessions and in group sessions. It consists of 8 sessions. This educational program covers the following topics: the root of addiction, the phases of alcohol/drug use, the difference between drug abuse and dependence, the effects of drugs on brain functioning, the dangers of drinking a driving, and a study of alcohol as a sedative drug and alcoholism as an addition to it.

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Mental health and wellness

Substance abuse assessment and intervention

Personal growth

Premarital counseling

Relapse prevention

EMDR Level 2 Practitioner

Certified Grief-Recovery Specialist

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